Immerse yourself in Berkshire's unique charm with Sojo Stay. Our aparthotels offer a prime location to experience the county's blend of countryside beauty and historical richness, placing you at the heart of local life.

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Explore Berkshire with Sojo Stay, where history and natural beauty converge to create a captivating experience. Our apartments are perfectly positioned to serve as your gateway to this county's varied attractions, from the majestic Windsor Castle and the rolling hills of the Berkshire Downs to the tranquil waters of the River Thames. Ideal for those eager to dive into Berkshire's rich tapestry of royal heritage, cultural events, and picturesque landscapes. Sojo Stay in Berkshire connects you with the heart of both town and country life, offering the perfect blend of adventure and the comforts of home. Set out on a voyage of exploration, leisure, and unforgettable experiences.

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