About Us

To become the largest industry leader in high-end, short-term accommodation globally, by creating a consistent Sojo Experience for our business and leisure guests.

Company Profile.

In 2019 Stephanie and James Murphy had a dream to create beautiful high end apartments that could be operated on a short term letting basis.

They wanted to design and create space that were designed specifically for short term guests, that were elevated above the market norm and Sojo was born. grew rapidly under the creative a director leadership of Stephanie and James to an incredible 350 apartments within 3 years.

Despite the storms of Covid, cost of living an global economic crisis the company continued although it was impacted to its core and like any entrepreneurial business it was decided that the company would evolve its brand and position in the new post covid world. Extensive research was put into creating a progressive vision, analysing market data, trends and audience preferences. The word SOJOURN was the rough diamond that appeared. After much creative polishing it was decided that SOJO would be the future.

We've travelled the globe!

Our Mission

From first contact to last, we enhance the lives of our guests by taking total responsibility for their stay with SOJO.

Our Vision

Be the first choice provider of convenient, contemporary first class serviced accommodation. Where people can escape, work, rest and play across the UK.

Our Identity

The experience of SOJO begins with the moment our guests discover SOJO to the memories they take away. Every part of SOJO is about enhancing our fellows human’s lives.

The SOJO tribe is informal but professional, and specific but concise. We intend to assist our guests in navigating the clamour of short-term accommodations by making everything from check-in to staying comfortable convenient during their stay and afterward, including check-out. They will encounter a spot that's tidy and comfortable where they can go if they need anything They only need to ask for the solution because they are sticking with SOJO.

SOJO stays come with all the essentials and if our guests want something different or extra then our first instinct is to work hard to find the solution to their request.

Our Values

Without our visitors, we would not be anything at all. We have the opportunity to improve the lives of our guests, who are mostly humans (with the occasional pets) and who share our needs, anxieties, and concerns about the world.

Our Guests are our primary concern. We should serve them well from the moment they contact us. We aim for rapid responses to all enquiries, communication only ends once our guests confirm all their enquiries have been answered. We should always take personal responsibility for ensuring our guests are satisfied with the answer or the solution given, by asking explicitly if there is anything else we can do for them, each and every time we communicate.

Our four C’s are Check in, Communication, Convenience, Check out.

No matter what we do, from taking a booking, a deposit, confirming parking instructions, through to cleaning, maintenance or check out, we should always begin with the end in mind. The perfect end is a happy guest where we leave a lasting positive impression which they share in a review.

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